A "European walk through Bordeaux"


A European walk through the streets of Bordeaux





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So, here it is. The first path. And it is just that, a path. Through the past. Through Bordeaux. Or through Europe. Europe, which is above all about people. Those who have come, and those who have gone. Those who have left, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Those who received a poor welcome. Those who “actually” came, and those who came only in the form of “works.” And others, too, who remained.

It is simply a stroll, one of many. It can be taken in several ways, and I invite you to do as you please. Those devoted to a Europe of the Nations might seek a national reading. They will no doubt look for Italy and Bernini, the Marquis of Mantua, Cagliostro, Garibaldi and Manzù. Germanists will walk in the footsteps of Hölderlin, Schopenhauer, Liszt and Wagner. Anglophiles will want a glimpse of John Locke, Arthur Young and Richard Rogers among others. And Austrians will want to commemorate Emperor Joseph II. Hispanics will turn to Thérésa Cabarrus, Goya and the afrancesados, while music lovers will no doubt prefer heading for Pierre Rode, Liszt and Wagner. Art lovers will maybe limit themselves to the legacy of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the 18th century, and Romanticism, or the traces of Bernini, Goya, Visconti and Manzù. Those fond of history’s wounds might turn their attention to antiquity, the Italian Wars, the French Revolution and the Second Empire.
Format : 11.5x21.5 cm
80 pages + Carte 280gr
ISBN 978-2-9541075-4-7

Step by step :





  • The Hôtel du Chapeau Rouge. - 1, Place Jean Jaurès.


  • Through the Eyes of the Schopenhauers. - 4 place Jean Jaurès.


  • The Visconti Fountains. - Place de la Bourse.


  • Fornoue’s “Victory”. – Place du Palais.


  • Ausonius’ Roads. - Cours d'Alsace-Lorraine .


  • Rode’s “Caprices” . - 21, rue du Loup .


  • The Emerigon “Musical Circle”. - 32, Rue de Cheverus.

  • The Chapel of the Irish. - 17 place Pey Berland.


  • The Cardinal of Manzù. - Cathédrale Saint André.


  • The Shadow of Woodstock. - 3, Place Pey Berland.


  • Rogers’ Law Courts. - Rue des Frères-Bonie.


  • Bernini’s Angel. - Eglise Saint-Bruno . Rue François de Sourdis. .


  • The Hôtel de l'Empereur. - 13 Cours G Clemenceau.


  • Cagliostro’s Elixir. - 15, Cours Georges Clemenceau.


  • The Medal of Franz Liszt. - 62,64 du cours de l'Intendance .

  • The Death of Goya. - 57 Cours de l'Intendance.


  • The Restaurant of the Kings . - 5, rue Montesquieu.


  • Goya’s Will. - Rue Mably.


  • The Gesù of Bordeaux. - 1 Rue Mably.


  • Hölderlin’s Remembrance . - 37 allées de Tourny.


  • Beck’s Overture. - 35, Rue Huguerie.


  • The Englishman’s Ballroom. - 23 Cours de Verdun.


  • The Broken Dream of David Johnston. - 29 cours Xavier Arnozan.


  • Wagner’s Lovers. - 6, Cours du XXX Juillet.


  • John Locke and the Pontac Vineyard. - 1, rue des Piliers de Tutelle.


  • Victor Hugo, Europe, Humanity. – Place de la Comédie.


  • ...à suivre....

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